Billion Dollar Impact – Marketing Learnings

On Tuesday March 5, 2015 a simple product launch happened with the goal of creating awareness, consideration and preference (ACP) for SanDisk’s strategy and evidence of products for the largest data centers in the world. At the end of the 30 minute or so streamed event, the reception from audiences was certainly greater than we imagined.

When Simple-is-better..

At the time SanDisk was not well known in circles of the enterprise data centers with a great consumer brand so we had our worked cut out to establish ACP (awareness, consideration & preference) in the CxO arena. Focus on the Real-World Context of what is made possible, 3rd party credible opinion, impactful visual product representation, and delivery of a Differentiated product, this is what was achieved..

  • A economic viability barrier was broken to enable new possibilities
  • A new market category was created and subsequently grown
  • Disruptive innovation in the enterprise storage industry
  • Positive receipt from the investment community, stock +$4/share in a down market
  • Most importantly internally the people motivation and pride of all involved shined


  • Social Media – 3,257 mentions, 7.7M impressions
  • 34 reporter interactions resulting in 72 articles
  • 50-91% key messages pull through in coverage
  • Business press inc. Forbes, Wall Street Journal through to leading Tech coverage
  • see pr-brag-sheet on slideshare – InfiniFlash launch

Thank you for reading, and special thanks to an incredible team of people I had the honor to work with.

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